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Serial Animal Killer Has Canadian City Concerned

Serial Animal Killer Has Canadian City Concerned

Pet owners in London, Ontario have been advised to keep a close eye on their furry companions following a spate of monstrous animal mutilations found throughout the city.

The word of warning was issued by the local humane society following the discovery of a headless dog that had been both skinned and disemboweled.

Frighteningly, the unfortunate creature appears to have been the latest victim in a horrifying series of animal mutilations that have happened in the city over the last year.

To date, an astounding 17 animals have been found killed under such horrific conditions, including a rabbit and a cat as well as several coyotes and snakes.

In some instances, it seems that the perpetrator is trying to send a message, such as when a mutilated goose was left on the doorstep of the humane society.

The director of the group expressed deep concern over the trajectory of the killings, since they began with wild animals but have now moved on to domesticated creatures.

A former law enforcement official looking into the odd series of mutilations declared that they are the result of a 'serial animal killer' and suggested the humane society examine their records of adoptees for potential leads.

One can only hope that the investigation yields the identity of the villainous individual or group behind the incidents before they are no longer satiated by killing animals and move on to the most dangerous game of all: humans.

Source: CBC News

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