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Shapeshifter Captured in Ghana?

In a bizarre story out of the African nation of Ghana, a farmer allegedly apprehended a 'shapeshifting creature' that had been tormenting a village.

According to a government official who shared the story on Ghanaian social media, the strange tale began about a week ago when the mysterious entity began preying on livestock in the area.

The shapeshifter, villagers said, would transform into various innocent-looking creatures, such as a guinea pig or a pig, using the disguise to gain easy access to where the farm animals were being kept and subsequently devouring them.

Additionally, the creature would also take on the appearance of a pig and chase terrified villagers back to their homes only to disappear after they called for help.

However it would appear that the shapeshifter's reign of terror has come to an end after it encountered a hunter who spotted the entity changing from a human to a wild animal.

Incredibly, it is claimed that the famer shot the shapeshifter, but that only led to the creature sprouting wings and flying away!

Upon landing at a nearby farm, the creature purportedly ran afoul of a farmer who possessed the magical ability to turn the entity back into a human and render it immobile until authorities arrived.

Reportedly, the entity changed into various forms before becoming a small-looking man that did not speak.

Photos provided by the official show a small individual with what appears to be a reed, ostensibly acting as some kind of binding agent, tied around his neck.

While the story and photos are decidedly fantastic, considering the persecution of albino people in Ghana and other African nations, one can only wonder if the story is a similar case of a superstitious reaction to an innocent person who is simply unlike everyone around them.

Source: NAIJ.com

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