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'Shelled' Caterpillar Found in Peru

Scientists exploring the jungles of Peru were stunned when they spotted an amazing caterpillar that had fashioned its own 'shell' out of a leaf!

The remarkable insect, dubbed the 'hermit crab caterpillar,' crafted its leafy home out of various pieces of vegetation found on the jungle floor.

Similar to the crab in which it was compared, the caterpillar traveled along by pulling the 'shell' along with it and retreated inside the tube when researchers attempted to examine it.

Additionally, the 'mobile home' was constructed in such a way that the insect could maneuver inside the tube and thus make a quick getaway out the 'back door' in case trouble presented itself.

Entomologists say that they have never seen such a behavior from caterpillars before and suggested that the find may constitute a new species of the creature.

Source: Live Science

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