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Siberian Girl Makes Epic Trek

In an incredible quest to get help for her sick grandmother, a four-year-old girl in Siberia set out on a journey that left even the most seasoned residents of the remote region astounded.

When Saglana Salchak noticed that her grandmother was unresponsive, the girl took it upon herself to venture out into the wilderness, since her blind grandfather could not.

Determined to reach the closest house nearby, Salchak proceeded to walk an amazing five miles through the harsh Siberian forest which boasts treacherous temperatures and snow drifts as high as her chest.

Even more remarkable is that the area has been overrun with voracious wolves in recent years and so somehow the little girl managed to avoid being eaten as well.

As if all that were not impressive enough, the only thing Salchak brought with her on the adventure was a book of matches to be used in the event that she needed to start a fire.

Eventually, Salchak was spotted as she approached the isolated house and the 'neighbors' called for help.

Unfortunately, it was too late to save her grandmother, who had passed away at some point before or during the little girl's journey.

Nonetheless, Solchak's story is being celebrated by some as a testament to the awesome power of love as well as the little girl's stunning perseverance in such difficult conditions.

Befitting the wonder of a four-year-old, Solchak told Russian media that, "I just walked, walked and got there."

Lest one worry about how such a scenario could befall a little girl like this, authorities are wondering the same thing and have launched an investigation into why Solchak's mother had left her in such a precious situation.

While that matter is for the Siberian legal process to decide, one thing seems certain: Saglana Salchak has already locked down 'World's Greatest Grandkid' for 2017.

Source: The Guardian

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