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Slew of New Species Discovered in the Amazon

A new report from conservationist groups studying flora and fauna in the Amazon indicates that an astounding 381 new species were found there in just a two year period of research.

Included in the haul of new creatures are 93 fish, 32 amphibians, 20 mammals, 19 reptiles, and one lonely bird.

Additionally, a heretofore unknown 216 species of plants were also discovered in the jungle region.

The two year total, coupled with the results of previous research projects in the area, bring the cumulative number of new species found in the Amazon since 1999 to nearly 2,000 different plants and animals.

Although wildlife experts celebrated the findings, they cautioned that there is a worrisome aspect to the discoveries as well since all 381 of the plants and animals reside in an area threatened by human activity.

By virtue of the fact that this area of the Amazon boasts such a diverse array of new species, conservationists expressed concern that further development of the area could result in creatures or plants going extinct before they are ever even discovered.

Source: BBC News

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