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Sliced Snowbank Reveals Buried Jeep

Sliced Snowbank Reveals Buried Jeep

Workers clearing a road in California's infamous Donner Pass were stunned to discover a Jeep Cherokee buried under 20 feet of snow.

The California Highway Patrol shared the jaw-dropping image of the abandoned jeep on their Facebook page.

It is assumed that the vehicle was likely left behind by its driver after some kind of engine trouble and was subsequently buried by highway snowblowers over the course of an inordinately busy winter in the area.

Unfortunately for the Jeep's yet-to-be-found owner, mechanical problems may be the least of their concerns as the discovery of the vehicle happened because a snowplow smashed into the back of it.

Then again, when one considers the infamous tale of the Donner Party, where snowbound explorers were forced to resort to cannibalism to survive, perhaps not sticking around with the disabled Jeep was a wise choice.

Nonetheless, the owner of the Jeep will likely be waiting quite a while before they can retrieve the vehicle as most of it remains entombed inside the giant wall of snow.

For those on the east coast being pounded by Tuesday's blizzard, let this be a lesson that you probably shouldn't procrastinate too long when it comes to cleaning off your car, lest it wind up lost in the snow.

Source: Daily Mail

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