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Snails Shown to Swing Their Shells

A pair of snail species that populate parts of Japan and Russia have been revealed to possess a surprisingly pugnacious side.

The diminutive creatures were studied by researchers looking to learn more about the dynamics between predators and prey.

When pitted against a carabid beetle, which feasts on unfortunate snails, two specimens proved to be rather mighty mollusks by using their shell as a weapon!

In a remarkable video of the behavior, the battle between the insect and the snail plays out in an almost cartoonish fashion as the potential prey slowly winds back its shell before whipping it at the bug.

Experts theorize that the newly-discovered defense mechanism explains why these particular creatures appear to thrive in their respective ecosystems compared to other snails species which have yet to stumble upon the shell-swinging maneuver.

Let's hope they don't, because if word gets around the snail world, it could mean the end of escargot.

Source: Gizmodo

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