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Software Glitch Grants Prisoners Early Release

Software Glitch Grants Prisoners Early Release

Authorities in Washington state are reeling over the revelation that the software used in calculating prisoners' sentences has been accidentally reducing their jail time.

The buggy program, which has been used by the Department of Corrections since 2002, is responsible for applying good behavior credits to inmates' sentences.

However an error in the software allowed for more than 3,200 prisoners to be released before finishing their appointed time behind bars.

While the average amount of unearned early release time was 49 days, one incredibly lucky criminal saw his sentence reduced by a whopping 600 days!

Amazingly, the miscalculations were discovered in 2012, but were not addressed by the DoC until recently.

Law enforcement officials now face the unenviable task of both finding the prisoners that were released too early and bringing them back to prison to finish their sentences.

For many prematurely released inmates, it appears that their easy prison break is about to come to an end.

Source: BBC

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