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Song Keeps Playing from Abandoned Building

Song Keeps Playing from Abandoned Building

Residents of Niagara Falls are struggling to comprehend a strange prank that has been playing out in their city for the last six months.

Nearly every evening from 4 to 11 PM, the Fight Song of the University of Iowa emanates from a vacant building.

Perhaps most maddening is that the song runs on a continuous loop, amounting to over 500 plays during each session.

Neighbors of the building are flummoxed as to who is behind the bizarre stunt and what it is supposed to mean.

And, oddly enough, the company that owns the building is mum about the source of the sound as well.

Despite bone-chilling temperatures and frequent complaints about the marathon from nearby residents, the out-of-place anthem continues to play and puzzle those who are forced to endure it.

Source: Niagara Gazette

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