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Spate of Werewolf Sightings Sparks Panic

Spate of Werewolf Sightings Sparks Panic

Panic has gripped the British city of Hull after numerous residents have reported seeing an eight-foot tall werewolf!

An incredible seven different people since December have allegedly encountered the monstrous beast near an abandoned industrial area of the city.

Witnesses claim that the creature first appears to be just a dog, but then seemingly transforms into the bipedal canine that resembles a human.

According to those who have seen the mysterious animal, it appears able to effortlessly run and leap on its hind legs and was once spotted snacking on an unfortunate German Shepherd.

Experts on British folklore liken the reports to legendary tales of a similar creature, dubbed 'Old Stinker,' that dates back centuries in another part of the country.

Whether the creature is Old Stinker or one of its progeny is of little concern to denizens of Hull, who are uneasy about the alleged new arrival to their city.

Some hope to get to the bottom of the mystery by forming a posse to patrol its reported stomping grounds during the next full moon in an attempt to document the creature with cameras and recording equipment.

It remains to be seen whether their efforts will produce proof of the purported werewolf or if they are simply barking up the wrong tree.

Source: Express

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