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Specter of Sabotage Raised in SpaceX Investigation

Revelations from the ongoing SpaceX investigation into the explosion of their Falcon 9 rocket last month indicate that the company may have suspected sabotage.

Sources from the private space industry confided in the Washington Post that an official from SpaceX attempted to gain access to the roof of a nearby building which is owned by their business rival, United Launch Alliance.

According to these insiders, SpaceX suspected something was amiss about the area after spotting an unexplained shadow as well as a white dot atop the building when the explosion happened on September 1st.

The building in question is approximately a mile away from where the explosion took place and the launch site is clearly visible from the roof of the facility.

Although the exchange between the companies was purportedly friendly, ULA decided not to let the SpaceX officials inspect the roof.

They did, however, provide access to Air Force investigators, who looked into the matter and didn't find anything suspicious.

While the weird request from SpaceX is being dismissed as simply the company being thorough in their investigation, private space industry experts say that it is more indicative of a bitter battle raging behind the scenes in the industry as ULA battles Elon Musk's company for control of the market.

However the mystery of what caused the explosion remains vexing even to the company's CEO, who had previously lamented about the perplexing nature of the event.

Providing an update into the investigation during last week's Mars Colonization presentation, Musk said, "we've eliminated all of the obvious possibilities for what occurred there. So what remains are the less probable answers."

With that in mind and considering that competitor sabotage seems to be off the table, perhaps those theories about a UFO causing the explosion may not be as crazy as they initially seemed.

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