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Spies and Portals

  Spies and Portals

One of the areas that tonight's guest, Gordon Thomas touches on in his book Seeds of Fire(1), was the arrest and subsequent release of Dr. Wen Ho Lee. A Chinese scientist working at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Lee was accused of spying for China, and passing crucial data to them about the US's nuclear warhead designs.

When charges against Lee were dropped, Thomas writes that there were rumors it was because the US government didn't want him spilling the beans about a super secret project he was involved in. "Lee, ran the whispers, worked on what was known as Project HP-Holographic Portal," Thomas writes.

Thomas reported that according to Dr. Richard Boylan, a scientist with NSA contacts, Lee was working with a kind of ET device that could allow for travel through the space-time continuum. In an Internet published article(2), Boylan writes that Lee may have created a "Get Out of Jail Free" card for himself, by using a "self-protective proviso" that if anything should happen him, Lee's associates would share the contents of a safety deposit box with the press.


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