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Spooky Activity Filmed at CA Bar

Some strange security camera footage from a bar in California has left its owners scratching their heads and wondering if the establishment could be haunted.

Located in the city of Ventura, Cronie's Bar and Restaurant has been a neighborhood institution for nearly thirty years, but it would appear that the spot has just been discovered by someone from the 'other side.'

Dave Foldes, co-owner of the establishment, says that unexplained activity, usually taking place when the bar is closed and empty, has been captured by their security system over the last few weeks.

A collection of these weird incidents features numerous instances where chairs appear to topple over as if jostled by an unseen force.

Foldes insists that the scenes are genuine and not the product of shenanigans, telling CBS Los Angeles that the spooky events are particularly strange since the bar has no prior history of ghostly activity.

Considering the restaurant's long history in the area, he suspects that perhaps one of their longtime patrons may be paying them a visit from the afterlife.

That said, skeptics will no doubt note the timing of this tale is rather convenient and argue that perhaps Cronie's 'ghost' is simply a clever marketing ploy designed to take advantage of the Halloween season.

Should that be the case, the idea seems to have worked, since the footage netted the restaurant a fair amount of publicity, but if business dries up because customers are afraid of the 'ghosts' it may turn out to be an unwise way of getting attention.

What's your take on the footage: a real case of paranormal activity unfolding or a fine display of the wonders which can be accomplished using fishing line? Let us know at the C2C Facebook page.

Source: CBS Los Angeles

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