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Squirrel Attacks Have California Town on Edge

Squirrel Attacks Have California Town on Edge

Health officials in California's Marin County are warning residents to be on their guard following a series of terrifying squirrel attacks!

Over the last few weeks, eight people in the town of Novato have fallen victim to ravenous rodents who seemingly strike for no apparent reason.

"The attacks are described as a squirrel suddenly running up to the victims, crawling up their bodies, and biting them in various areas," said the Marin Humane Society.

Not satisfied with merely a land campaign, the crazed squirrels are also apparently taking to the skies in their war on humans.

"There have also been reported instances in which squirrels have jumped out of trees and attacked the victims."

Since the strange skirmishes have so far been confined to a particular intersection in Novato, investigators have begun to surmise that they could be the work of one rogue rodent but have yet to name a 'squirrel of interest.'

The angry animal's brazen behavior suggests that it may have once been a household pet since it appears to be familiar with humans and does not fear them.

For now, residents are being advised to be on their guard until the squirrel suspect is brought to justice.

Source: San Francisco Gate

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