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Stan Deyo: Transcript Excerpts

Stan Deyo: Transcript Excerpts

Stan Deyo(1) was our special guest in Streamlink's(2) Live Chat last week, discussing such topics as antigravity and earth changes. Below are some excerpts from the in-depth Q & A. Members can view the entire transcript(3).

Do you feel the government is doing enough to warn the average person about the possible earth changes or the threat of bird flu? Or are they only acting on the threat of global warming?
Stan Deyo
They aren't doing enough to warn the public on anything... which leaves everyone vulnerable. How can people best prepare for calamities they don't know are coming?

Lorna Doodle
Can you tell us about anything about UFOs from your "Top Secret" days?
Stan Deyo
I never met any aliens to my knowledge. However, the antigravity craft that our teams developed and tested were probably responsible for many of the UFO reports. Mankind has had antigravity technology for at least 50 years.

rude whisper
Stan, have you seen any evidence in your studies of weather manipulation by countries like China or the US or Russia?
Stan Deyo
Yes, formal treaty negotiations occurred between the US and Russia limiting weather warfare options in 1976-77. Obviously somebody is not playing by the rules. Whether or not China is participating in weather war games, when two or more countries try to manipulate global weather, the results are unpredictable and mostly catastrophic.

As for the coming calamities ...will we get any warning at all?
Stan Deyo
In some cases, the signs will be obvious. However, for comet or meteor strikes to the planet or for surprise nuclear attack or major earthquakes, there will be little warning. Prepare as best as you can to survive it. See our FREE preparedness info by clicking Preparedness in the left-hand menu. There's a ton of it.

Stan your bio states: "advanced propulsion engineer for marine, air and spacecraft" So wording my question differently: What do you know about gravitational propulsion systems that you can share with us? Are they viable? Do we have them? Is there at least progress in this area that you are aware of?
Stan Deyo
Antigravity has been tested and developed since 1956. To produce antigravity one needs to produce spin either in a large mass or an electro-magnetic field. This was done originally by concentrically winding two single layer flat wire toroidal coils around a common inductor. Pulse direct current was applied alternately to each coil so that the field began to stack around the craft - sometimes as much as 800 feet in diameter.

EK 41
Would an anti-gravity machine in space propel a spacecraft?
Stan Deyo
Yes, but a different frequency.

How many people do you think know about antigravity....and was it learned as a result of the Manhattan Project? Did they have a similar project for antigravity that we don't know about ?
Stan Deyo
The total number is unknown to me as I no longer have access to that information. However, I will tell you that under Dr. Teller alone over 50 people were recruited who had independently discovered the secret between 1950 and 1971.

Why has the anti-gravity technology not been put to public use?
Stan Deyo
The reasons it's been held back are covered in the latest edition of my book, The Cosmic Conspiracy. The short answer is that those with the technology were trying to develop a secret defense to the alien threat without letting the aliens or the public know about it. It failed. We lost our bases in the late 70's.

Hi Stan, what project is Holly involved in nowadays?
Stan Deyo
She is currently researching and writing the 4th edition or Prudent Places USA as well as maintaining 4 websites - enough to keep her out of trouble!

Lorna Doodle
How did you meet Holly?
Stan Deyo
She heard me on Art Bell back in 1995 and we developed a correspondence by email between Australia and Colorado. Since this is the month of our anniversary, you can seen the wedding photos on our News page.

Hi Stan, with climate change etc, what places will have the most moderate weather, instead of extremes? Any ideas?
Stan Deyo
There are so many variables in play now like El Nino, massive droughts, heating oceans, etc. that it is impossible to give one location as conditions for hardest hit areas change with each year.

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2. http://archive.coasttocoastam.com/streamlink/about.html
3. http://archive.coasttocoastam.com/member/chatLog_2007-01-23.html

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