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Stanton Friedman Transcript Excerpts

Stanton Friedman Transcript Excerpts

Our recent special guest in Streamlink's(1) live chat was ufologist and nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman(2) (pictured). Below are excerpts; members can view the entire transcript(3).
Stanton, you were great on Coast, I learned a lot! Are nuclear physicists open-minded like you are when it comes to extraterrestrials?
Stanton Friedman
Many will talk about life out there like SETI (Silly Effort to Investigate) but few will dig into the UFO data.
Does any of your work in researching the UFO phenonema delve into the technical aspects of how a UFO would operate or the properties of physics involved?
Stanton Friedman
From my Congressional testimony in 1968, my paper "Flying Saucers and Physics" my paper "Star Travel? YES?" and others I discuss technology.. I worked on Fusion propulsion, fission rockets etc. I actually think they work using techniques about which we know nothing. I do like magnetoaerodynamics for use in the atmosphere.
Why are almost all UFO pictures at a distance, never up close?
Stanton Friedman
People who are very close to UFOs including policeman worry about what is happening. Less danger at a distance. There are some good photographs which pass muster with experts like Optical Physicist Dr. Bruce Maccabee.
"Professor" Friedman, Thank you for all of your hard work over the years in the Quest for the Truth. Indeed, if you go back to about 1940, there have been at least 15-20 credible reports of UFO crashes. If the crafts are advanced enough to travel trillions of miles to get here, or if they can bend space or create interdimensional portals, why are they so vulnerable? Do you have a hypothesis for the reason there are so many UFO crashes? Thank you!
Stanton Friedman
Len Stringfield listed more than 60 crashes. I think these are of Earth Excursion Modules which fly in the atmosphere and not the interstellar "aircraft carriers". I know of no crashes of them. Like fighter planes and aircraft carriers.
Stanton, in your years of UFO research what conclusions or personal opinions do you hold for the purpose of ET visitations? Do you believe they are curious passerbys or do you believe they are someone responsible for our existence?
Stanton Friedman
I think their excursions are purposeful. One of my papers lists more than 25 reasons for coming here.. Probably most important would be to quarantine us.. a primitive society whose major activity is tribal warfare. I do think there have been other civilizations here in the past.
Stanton, how close do you think The American public is to being able to handle the truth of ET involvement in the world?
Stanton Friedman
Based on the response from more than 600 lectures at colleges in all 50 states I would say the majority are ready. There are of course nasty noisy negativists for whom the data doesn't matter. Some people still think we haven't been to the moon. The problem is the government's Cosmic Watergate and generation of ridicule and the ignorance of the professionals such as the SETI guys, and the lack of courage of the press. I have had only 11 hecklers of which 2 were drunk.
Do you consider the objects which suddenly move off at incredible speed and do right angle turns to be the motherships or the atmospheric flying devices?
Stanton Friedman
I think they are the small Earth Excursion Modules. The mother ships tend to be huge say 0.5-1.2 miles long.
Do you believe that aliens are studying and observing us, or are they collaborating with our government?
Stanton Friedman
They may very well be doing both. There may be several races with several agendas. The natives in the Pacific were visited by both Japan's and America's armies there to fight each other with little concern for the natives.
Do you ever have moments of doubt? Do you ever wonder if maybe there are no aliens visiting earth? Do you ever think maybe it is all experimental aircraft and mistaken witnesses?
Stanton Friedman
No.. too much evidence.
What are your thoughts on what Nick Redfern has recently published regarding Roswell?
Stanton Friedman
Read my review on my website. I think he is flat out wrong, having read the book, worked on radiation shielding work for Nuclear Aircraft and being very familiar with Roswell. If it doesn't fit, one must acquit.
I've had personal experience with several different types of ET's, they look very different but they all seem to follow the same script. Do you think there's a handbook out there on how to Abduct Earthlings By The Numbers?
Stanton Friedman
Why not? Butterfly gatherers tend to use the same techniques all over the planet.
You stated on the show last night, which was interesting, that they are building a research facility in Roswell, who is sponsoring the research and how can I get a job there? :)
Stanton Friedman
The International UFO Museum and Research Center will be expanding. Talk to the museum. I will be there July 1-4.

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2. http://www.stantonfriedman.com/
3. http://archive.coasttocoastam.com/member/chatLog_2005-06-28.html

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