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Storm-Damaged Tree Eerily Resembles Legendary Ghost

A powerful storm that swept through Rochester, New York ripped open a tree and created an eerie visual that bears a striking resemblance to a legendary local ghost.

The tree in question can be found in a Rochester park and has become quite the sensation over the last few weeks once word of it's 'ghost' got around the city.

While, in most locations, the damaged tree would simply be chalked up to a jaw-dropping display of the storm's awesome power, Rochester residents see something far more haunting coming out of the carnage.

According to area legend, the park is said to be haunted by a spirit dubbed the 'White Lady,' who has allegedly been seen by numerous witnesses over the years.

Thanks to the popularity of the stories, the park has become a frequent stomping grounds for ghost hunters and thrill-seeking teens hoping to spot the spirit.

As such, the damaged tree has been drawing visitors since it was discovered a few weeks ago due to its uncanny resemblance to a woman in white.

Despite some suspicions that the 'woman' is a clever creation from a talented artist, an official with the parks department insists that the tree was untouched by human hands and, thus, the 'sculpture' is natural.

Whether the 'white lady' formed by the storm is simply a remarkable coincidence or a chilling message from beyond is largely a matter of personal perspective.

Check out the video of the damaged tree and let us know what you think at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Democrat & Chronicle

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