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Storm Smashes Iconic 'Tunnel Tree'

An enormous sequoia tree in California which became famous for having a tunnel carved in its base met its demise over the weekend due to a powerful storm that swept through the area.

Known as the 'Pioneer Cabin' tree, the giant sequoia had been a popular tourist attraction after it was transformed into a 'drive through' tree in the 1880's.

In the ensuing 137 years, the tree earned iconic status as countless Californians and other visitors to the region delighted in driving through the sequoia and marveling at its massive size.

However, the enormously popular tree could not withstand this weekend's monstrous storm which destroyed the mighty sequoia once and for all.

While fans of the legendary 'tunnel tree' lamented the loss, more cynical observers opined that the sequoia's demise was probably helped in large part by the fact that it had a huge hole in it.

Source: BBC News

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