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'Stranded Alien' Turns to UN for Help

'Stranded Alien' Turns to UN for Help

The strange story of Mogay, an alleged alien stranded here on Earth, has only gotten weirder as the marooned ET has apparently been corresponding with the United Nations about his plight.

Despite having his request for help seemingly rebuffed by the United States government and MUFON, Mogay has not given up trying to find help in returning to his home planet.

In a second report filed to the UFO research organization, Mogay revealed that he also wrote to the United Nations asking if they had formal policies surrounding ETs.

Incredibly, the UN actually wrote the displaced alien back!

Kerith McFadden, an associate librarian with the UN, advised him to contact their Office for Outer Space Affairs.

However, poor Mogay received no response from that office and, thus, wrote to MUFON again to suggest they put him in touch with Hilary Clinton, who made headlines with her UFO comments back in January.

It appears that Mogay, who claims to have been stranded on Earth since September, is getting a little fed up with the human race.

In the new MUFON report, he warned the organization that if his fellow ETs come to Earth and cannot find him, "I'm not sure what the aftermath will be," although he assured the UFO researchers that "I have no hostility."

Mogay also revealed that he foolishly brokered a deal to sell alien technology to unnamed countries in exchange for help in departing the planet, but ended up with nothing in return.

He also claimed to have a Twitter account, but unfortunately did not share his handle with the UFO organization.

As noted in our original report on Mogay's story, most UFO researchers have dismissed his writings as the work of an imaginative prankster.

However some in the UFO disclosure movement have proposed that the Mogay letters could be a scheme concocted by researchers hoping to learn more about how organizations like the UN would respond to a stranded alien scenario.

With the US government, MUFON, and now the UN having failed him, there is clearly only one place left for Mogay to turn: Coast to Coast AM.

Mogay, if you're out there, we want to hear from you. Email us. We will try and help you get home!

Source: The Express

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