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Strange Dreams May Be Wake-Up Call From Beyond

Strange Dreams May Be Wake-Up Call From Beyond

Could an increase in bizarre dreams be warning signs from another realm?

Kelly Sullivan Walden cited a surge in reported strange dreams during Monday’s Coast to Coast AM, and said it could be part of a cosmic warning for those who listen.

"At this time of year, the veil between worlds is extremely thin," and may even be non-existent, Walden told C2C.

"When you factor in current world unrest and the veil thinning, a lot of people now are having very strange dreams," she elaborated. "The more memorable ones are the scarier ones."

There's also been a marked increase in prophetic dreams, premonitory life changers, that everyday people with no prior history of psychic abilities have reported having, Walden told George.

These dreams may be "cosmic" in origin, she added, saying, "It's a bit of the zeitgeist – it's a sign of the times."

"It's empowering to know there's a way out of the mess and your own higher wisdom - or angels or whoever you think is guiding your dreams - is speaking very loudly to give you guidance that you're not going to hear on CNN."

Walden warned that technology could be impeding the ability for some to tap into their dreams.

"I think it’s like the universal wake-up call because things aren't working," she said, adding that for many, technology is being used as a psychic crutch.

"We've forgotten about how truly powerful we really are in ways that are beyond this external communication device."

"I think a lot of these dreams are pointing people back to what is most natural, what's most authentic."

Primitive people on Earth that have minimal technology are not as "electronically screwed up," Walden explained.

"They can hear the voice of their higher guidance and are able to listen to it."

"I think these dreams are calling us all to listen to our still small voice that is carrying a bullhorn these days."

"I think if we listen to it we'd be much, much better off."

For the full fascinating interview with Kelly Sullivan Walden click here.
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