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Strange Sea Creature Remains Wash Ashore in Alaska

A wilderness guide kayaking in Alaska was left bewildered when he discovered what appear to be the strange remains of an unidentified sea creature.

The five-foot-long white anomaly was found by Bjorn Dihle on the shore of an area in Alaska known as Berners Bay.

What amazed the experienced outdoorsman and former commercial fisherman was that he had not stumbled upon the carcass of a creature, per se, but had actually found giant internal organs that came from such an animal.

According to Dihle, who displayed a level of inquisitiveness unlikely to be matched by many others, the revolting blob of white substance felt like a liver.

Although they cannot be certain with a sample of the organs to study, scientists say that the Dihle's discovery was probably the liver of a sleeper shark.

However, why that particular piece of the creature, which is normally quickly eaten by predators or scavengers, managed to wind up on the Alaskan beach is rather mysterious.

Considering that no other creatures decided to feast on the liver, one is left to wonder what might be wrong with it and, in turn, hope that Dihle washed his hands when he got home.

Source: Mirror

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