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Stray Cat Suspected of 'Attempted Murder' in Japan

Stray Cat Suspected of 'Attempted Murder' in Japan

An investigation into a gruesome attack on an elderly woman in Japan has led to a surprising suspect in the case: a stray cat.

After Mayuko Matsumoto was discovered with nearly two dozen cuts on her face, police theorized, due to the severity of the incident, that someone had tried to kill her.

Since the 82-year-old woman cannot speak and the intruder left no signs of entry at her home, authorities were left baffled by what seemed to be a bizarre murder attempt.

However, a break in case came when they observed that the woman's wounds closely resembled what one might receive if they were scratched by a particularly vicious cat.

This led police to consider that perhaps the perpetrator was not a person after all and their suspicions were strengthened when they spotted several stray cats lingering near Matsumoto's house.

And, in a fine bit of detective work, it appears that authorities may have even found the feline in question as one of the cats actually had looked to be blood on its claws.

Investigators hope to test the blood to determine if, indeed, it was the cat who committed the heinous crime.

Should it be confirmed, one can assume that the cat will face swift justice, so let's just hope that the cops either have it in custody or are keeping an eye on the creature in case it tries to make a run for it.

Source: Japan Times

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