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Study Observes Parrots Using Tools

Study Observes Parrots Using Tools

An enlightening study out of England has uncovered a surprisingly sophisticated level of behavior displayed by parrots.

Observing ten captive greater vasa parrots, psychologists were able to document the birds grinding small stones or date pits against sea shells in order to obtain calcium for food.

While certainly a rudimentary level of tool use by the creatures, the tactic marks the first time scientists have seen such a grinding technique performed by any animal other than humans.

Additionally, the parrots were seen sharing the calcium-collecting tools with their fellow test subjects, a practice rarely exhibited in the animal kingdom.

Scientists are stumped as to how the parrots first adopted the practice of using tools to acquire food, but say that it is likely that once one bird figured it out, then word quickly got around the aviary.

Source: Discovery News

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