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Super Solar Flare Could Send Earth Back to Dark Ages

Super Solar Flare Could Send Earth Back to Dark Ages

A rare super-flare from the sun is coming one day -- and it may be so intense it could plunge the Earth into utter chaos with casualties predicted in the millions. Astronomers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts have been hard at work trying to predict when the next super-flare may strike the Earth.

The astronomers have studied 84 stars that closely resemble our sun, observing 29 solar flares of similar magnitude over a four year period. The flares were said to be 150 times more powerful than the average solar flare. If a large solar storm were to erupt, it would bombard the Earth within 12 hours, leaving us little time to prepare, the British government warned in a disturbing report. According to the astronomers, who posted their findings at International Astronomical Union General Assembly in Honolulu, a star like our sun experiences a super-flare once every 250 to 480 years.

A massive solar event would purportedly disrupt satellites and transportation networks, cause city-wide blackouts and chaos. GPS systems would be paralyzed. Satellite communication and high frequency radio communication used by shipping and aircraft, would be immobilized for days -- possibly for years. And without electricity -the grid would be off the grid -- literally.

The last massive solar flare occurred in 1859, blasting Earth with a colossal bombardment so intense that telegraph wires burst into flames. Breathtaking auroras were seen as far south as Cuba and Hawaii. Despite analyzing data, scientists can only offer a "best-guess" scenario as to when a super-flare may erupt that would unleash a powerful electromagnetic pulse propelling the Earth back to the Dark Ages!

On a recent C2C show, Professor of History, William Fortschen warned George Noory that according to a study conducted by former Congressional Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, a super-EMP could cause a startling high casualty loss with 90% of all Americans dead after one year without electricity! As discussed on the 7/21/14 show, the cost of hardening the grid was estimated to be $1 billion or several dollars per person.

And with nothing in place to safe-guard the grid against either super-massive solar flares or enemy attacks, George declared a fail-safe plan for the grid as Priority Number One. A new bill was recently proposed by Sen. Ron Johnson to do just that.

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