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Surgeon Claims Monkey Head Transplant Success

Surgeon Claims Monkey Head Transplant Success

A controversial neurosurgeon claims that he successfully oversaw a monkey head transplant and that the operation paves the way for future surgeries on humans.

Sergio Canavero and his team of researchers revealed the experiment with an unsettling image of the monkey test subject after surgery.

The team also unveiled footage of lab mice that had undergone an operation to solve the issue of reattaching the spinal cord.

Canavero sees the surgery as proof that head transplants for humans are not only possible, but inevitable.

Other scientists, however, are skeptical of Canavero's claims, since he opted to announce the successful surgery through the media rather than in a peer-reviewed paper or other traditional route.

This had not deterred Canavero from moving forward with his work as he hopes to ultimately perform a head transplant on a human in the not too distant future.

In fact, the neurosurgeon already has a subject lined up for the procedure and has been soliciting funds and assistance from wealthy donors and doctors who wish to help sponsor the historic surgery.

Coast Insiders may have seen this story on the horizon last year when Sergio Canavero was a guest on C2C to talk about his work towards a human head transplant.

Source: The Independent

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