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TX Man Films Snake 'Playing Dead'

While out looking for interesting creatures to study, a self-taught snake expert in Texas was amazed to find a serpent that appeared to 'played dead' when he approached it.

Eric Johnson filmed the strange encounter with the eastern indigo snake that became lifeless after he initially touched the creature.

Seemingly attempting to trick a potential predator, the snake simply goes limp as Johnson picks it up and examines it.

Speaking to viewers watching the video, the amateur researcher marvels that it's the first time he's seen such a defense mechanism from that type of snake.

However a reptile expert who watched the video argues that it is more likely that the snake is sick or injured rather than actually 'playing dead' and says that the video is too inconclusive to be certain.

Nonetheless, the footage is rather impressive for two additional reasons: Johnson's bravery in brazenly handling the potentially aggressive creature and the snake's remarkable patience as the inquisitive man toys with it.

Source: Daily Mail

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