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Tales of Shadow People

Tales of Shadow People

This week's Friday Night Feature presents a number of listeners' stories about their encounters with shadow beings. Graphic by Duane S. (stratocruiser377@msn.com)

In the Bedroom
It was a summer or spring night about 1985 in Montgomery, Alabama. We were in the bedroom on a double draw stacked water bed. At first we heard wind chimes and said to each other that's strange. Then shortly thereafter a thing came in our room. It was all misshapen, it was as if it was not in its complete form yet as if it were transforming.

It was tall and arms were not distinct yet. A few seconds later it was in this other shape just to the left of where it had been. It was darker than the room itself which made it all the more strange!!!! It hovered there about 30 to 40 seconds and we did not react but just watched. It did not move for that period of time and then all of the sudden it whooooshhed beside our bed and out the wall behind us.

It was the most amazing experience I have ever had and I had a witness, my wife. It was like a peeping ghost. Why was it there?? Who knows ?? What was it? Have no idea. I believe there are things out there we are yet to understand!!!!!!!

--deep in the heart of dixie,

Under the Stove

My seven year old daughter and I bothrounded the corner into my kitchen one day, when Iunmistakably saw from the corner of my eye a blackshadow dash underneath our kitchen range. I said outloud "what was that?" when my daughter indicated shehad also seen it, and didn't know what it was.

Sincethere was someone else who had also seen it, Isuspected a mouse had gotten into the house and made adash for cover when we came in. But after taking thedrawer out of the range and searching, and no otherindications of a mouse being in the house, I don'tbelieve that's what it was. I absolutely believe inshadow beings now.

Chris Clay

Strange Birds
Actually, what I saw were shadow "birds." Actually they didn't look like any terrestrial bird. More like some kind of small winged creature.

I was walking to work one afternoon and a "flock" of maybe 10 "birds" flew across my path. I was slightly startled then realized that they had flown *directly* into the white cinderblock wall of the building to my right. They did not affect the bushes in front of the building in anyway. They appeared as completely black "shadows" on the wall but somehow went through the wall, disappearing as if they just flew into another dimension. I really felt like I had just briefly glimpsed something from another dimension.

Oahu, HI

Out of the TV

My friend and I started talking, about what I have no recollection, when suddenly from the TV emerged an energy form, that was somewhat human shaped...it moved toward me rapidly, before I could do more than sort of inhale and rear back...it had emerged. Like it walked out of the TV, literally went partially through me, and exited out though the window behind me. My friend and I were sitting there with our mouths open.

We literally could not speak. I finally croaked out..."did you see that?" I was trying to pat myself, had I felt this energy form go through my body. My friend had indeed seen what she described as a "form of smoke" come out from the TV and go partially through me and out through the window. This was remarkable... I don't know why I think this (maybe there was some kind of consciousness transfer when it moved through me) but I believe "they" can utilize wave transmissions to move about.

--Carol Q.

On the Road

It was the first week of June 2002 and I was going home after work. It was about 4 AM so the sun was just getting ready to rise (twilight). As I was heading east on 132 St. NE in my town of Marysville the road dips across Quill Ceda Creek, as I approached the dip I saw , what I first thought was, a teenager walking toward me in the other lane. My first thought was "What an idiot, he's wearing all black". As I got closer he turned into some hedges that are along the side of the road (I was about 1/10 mile away).

When I got to the spot he should have been I looked and there was NOBODY there. As I drove the 100 or so feet to my turn I wondered where he could have gone. When I made my turn EVERY HAIR on my neck and arms stood up and I realized what I had seen. I replayed it in my mind and realized that I assumed it to be a kid but there were NO features at all when I saw it, just a totally black shape. By the time I got the remaining 3 blocks home I was shaking.

Marysville WA

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