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'Tattooed' Fish Found in Philippines

In a strange story from the Philippines, a fisherman purportedly reeled in a monstrous fish that was covered in what appear to be tattoos!

Pictures of the bizarre-looking creature were shared on the Facebook page of the Philippine media outlet GMA News with little information about the catch aside from the fact that it happened in the town of Lopez Jaena.

Nonetheless, the strange fish captured the attention of users on the page, who offered a variety of theories for the animal's markings.

Some suggested that the tattoos were a message or a sign of impending doom, while others had a more prosaic theory that was no less gloomy.

They argued that the markings were from the fish being enveloped by garbage in the ocean and the labels from the trash somehow imprinting themselves on the unfortunate creature.

Sadly, any attempts to solve the mystery may fall short as it is said that, despite it's jaw-dropping appearance, the fisherman ate the animal alongside the more mundane fish that were caught that day.

What's your theory on the origins of the weird fish tattoos? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: Philippine News

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