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Thai Airline to Sell Tickets for 'Supernatural' Dolls

Thai Airline to Sell Tickets for 'Supernatural' Dolls

An airline in Thailand has conceived of an ingenious new revenue stream by announcing that it will sell plane tickets to customers looking to accommodate their 'supernatural' dolls.

The life-like dolls, called Luk Thep, have become enormously popular in Thailand following endorsements from celebrities who espouse the power of the 'Child Angels.'

It is believed that the more an owner spoils the Luk Thep, the better their luck will become, leading to Thai citizens lavishing their dolls with expensive clothing and other gifts.

According Smile Airways, ticket-holding Luk Thep will now be treated like normal passengers on the airline and will be given their own seat as well as snacks.

The only restrictions on the dolls will be that they cannot be seated in an exit row and must wear seatbelts during takeoff and landing.

Should a Luk Thep not have their own plane ticket, they'll unfortunately be confined to the overhead luggage compartment.

Considering that the luck-granting dolls are expected to be spoiled, such accommodations will likely not bode well for their owners.

Source: MSN.com

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