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Thai Company Creates 'Ghost Repellent' Device

Thai Company Creates 'Ghost Repellent' Device

A company in Thailand claims to have designed a device which will drive unwanted ghosts out of a person's home.

Dubbed the 'Trisaksri Ghost Repellent,' the odd, box-shaped instrument looks more like a subwoofer rather than something devised to ward off the supernatural.

However, the company behind the machine says that is exactly what it does, using a three-stage detection system consisting of a camera, microphone, and EMF detector.

When a trespassing spirit trips the device, it allegedly emits a radio wave of some kind that apparently really irritates ghosts.

As one might expect, the science behind the 'ghost repellent' is rather nebulous, since the makers of the device give no indication of how, exactly, they discovered the vaunted 'Killer Wave,' as they call it, nor how it works.

And, even more importantly, considering the elusive nature of apparitions, one wonders how someone can be sure the spirits have actually departed for good.

Nonetheless, the specious machine is available to purchase for anyone crazy or desperate enough to pay $1,500 dollars.

At that price, you may just want to learn to live with the lurking entities.

Check out picture of the odd device over at Week in Weird.

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