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Thai 'Immortality Ritual' Turns Tragic

An alleged psychic medium in Thailand unexpectedly perished during a 'spirit dance' designed to demonstrate his immortality!

Performing the ritual for a crowd of spectators, Theprit Palee pressed a lengthy sword into his chest directly over his heart.

In previous showcases of the dance, the sword would dramatically snap in two as a testament to Palee's purported power to cheat death.

However on this occasion, his skills were clearly lacking or his assistant swiped the wrong sword from backstage as the fierce weapon plunged into his chest and killed him almost instantly.

Stunned onlookers attempted to save the downed psychic, but it was to no avail and he was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Perhaps the only bright side to Palee's unfortunate passing was that he was spared the ridicule his ironically-timed death will likely receive from skeptics who wonder why he didn't see it coming.

Source: Coconuts Bangkok

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