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Thai Man Arrested for Dig at Royal Dog

Thai Man Arrested for Dig at Royal Dog

What likely seemed like an innocuous post on social media has upended the life of one Thai factory worker after he was arrested for insulting Thailand's royal dog!

Thanakorn Siripaiboon was taken into custody last week after officials found that his sarcastic post about King Bhumibol Adulyadej's prized pooch violated a strict law against defaming the monarchy.

"I never imagined they would use the law for the royal dog," Siripaiboon's lawyer told the New York Times, "it's nonsense."

If convicted, Siripaiboon could face a whopping 37 years in prison for his ill-advised dig at the royal dog.

Despite the bizarre circumstances of the crime, public sentiment may not support Siripaiboon, since the royal dog is a beloved fixture in the country, having been the subject of a best-selling book and an animated film.

Source: New York Times

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