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Thai Man in Car Crash Credits 'Magical Amulet' for Saving His Life

Thai Man in Car Crash Credits 'Magical Amulet' for Saving His Life

A driver in Thailand says that he walked away from a gruesome car crash unscathed thanks to a magical amulet he was wearing at the time.

Sayan Khiawyai was driving to the wedding of his adopted son when his SUV clipped the back of a tractor trailer and sent the vehicle careening into a tree.

When he never arrived at the wedding, his worried family members went looking for him and discovered the devastating crash, but Khiawyai was nowhere to be found.

His brother finally found him sitting pensively in a field 650 feet away from the site of the accident.

As he approached Khiawyai, marveling that he was still alive, the meditative man apologized that he would miss the wedding and explained that "I was killed in a road accident."

Khiawyai's brother was bewildered by his response and grabbed hold of his arm to prove that he was, indeed, still alive.

Police and rescue workers at the scene were astounded that the man somehow survived the accident with one investigator calling it "absolutely unbelievable."

As to why he thought he had passed away, Khiawyai explained that when the vehicles collided, he had a powerful out of body experience where he floated above the cars and left him thinking that the worst had occurred.

The incredibly lucky driver believes that he miraculously survived the crash because he was wearing an amulet depicting the revered monk Phor Than Khlai which he had purchased at a temple 26 years ago.

While some might say that Khiawyai was simply being superstitious, we're also guessing that he won't be taking the amulet off anytime soon.

Source: Thai Visa News

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