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The Angry EVP

The Angry EVP

Bryan of the Paranormal Activity Investigators(1) sends us an unusually angry sounding recording of electronic voice phenomena (EVP). He writes:
This EVP(2) (requires Windows Media Player) was recorded on our April investigation in Leawood Kansas. Thehouse is home to 4 family members (Husband/Wife/2 Daughters). The twodaughters were staying with some in-laws this particular night. In the clip you will hear an investigator speaking with thewife of the household. Note the yelling in the background, which did notoriginate from the mouths of the other investigators nor the husband ofthe household. Here is what we believe the voice is saying : "Give my (daughter) back to me.*slap and woman yelps* Marsha. Ain't funny (or isn't that funny) littlegirl..." It's my estimation that this EVP is aresidual EVP.

It seems that this violent interaction which seems to bebetween a male and a female (possibly more than one male) has left animpression on the house. The picture (left) is of a triple orbcaptured in one of the bedrooms of the top level of the home (the room theinvestigator was headed towards when the EVP was recorded).

1. http://www.ghost-investigators.com/
2. http://mfile.akamai.com/5022/wma/coast.download.akamai.com/5022/clips/shouting_EVP.asx

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