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The Breathtakingly Weird Errors of Google Maps

The Breathtakingly Weird Errors of Google Maps

A careful perusal of the offerings from Google Maps by an artist in New York reveals some truly astounding 'sights' picked up by the service.

By zooming in on these images, Kyle Matthew F Williams has discovered a vast array of distortions that are oddly breathtaking in their weirdness.

A two-legged cat confidently bounding down a sidewalk, a man in the process of turning invisible, and an alien-esque woman in front of Chichen Itza are among the bizarre scenes seemingly picked up by the Google street car.

The reason behind the distortions seem to be due to the complex photography process used by Google in capturing such an expansive view of the world.

Yes, even the all-seeing eye of Google sometimes makes mistakes.

May this be a lesson to us all that we should always think twice when checking out the latest and greatest UFO or Bigfoot photograph making the rounds online.

But, then again ... what if that cat is real?

Source: Daily Mail

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