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The Lament of a Kim Jong Un Lookalike

The Lament of a Kim Jong Un Lookalike

A man in China who turned his resemblance to Kim Jong Un into a career has discovered that being a celebrity impersonator is not as glamorous as it sounds.

Jia Yongtang embarked on his odd path back in 2012 after being told that he looked like the North Korean dictator.

Rather that simply dismiss it as an unfortunate coincidence, he embraced the 'role' with remarkable relish.

In an effort to look more like the plump tyrant, Yongtang gained an incredible sixty pounds and grew his hair until it was a perfect copy of Kim's.

The transformation into dictator doppelganger opened up numerous opportunities for Yongtang to appear at various events throughout China.

Although it may sound like Yongtang has achieved his dream, the reality of the gig has proven to be far harsher than he expected.

It appears that Kim Jong Un is not exactly the most popular character when it comes to celebrity impersonators in China, so Yongtang's appearances are relegated to rather obscure events.

Even worse, sharing a likeness with one of the world's most notorious people has caused Yongtang to adopt a paranoid perspective similar to his muse.

"I'm afraid the Americans will come here to kill me," he told the Washington Post, "that they’ll think I'm really Kim Jong Un and will come here to kill me."

Clearly, Yongtang is not lacking confidence in his celebrity impersonation skills.

Alas, the same cannot be said for his romantic life as the faux Kim lamented that finding a girlfriend has proven to be a difficult task.

Yongtang blames his Kim career for the lack of success, but a more plausible cause may be the sixty pounds of weight he amassed to attain the look.

Source: Washington Post

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