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The Living Dead: The Walking Corpse Syndrome

 The Living Dead: The Walking Corpse Syndrome

Zombies, the so-called walking dead, are fictional creatures. But a terrifying real-life affliction mirrors zombie-like behavior, an expert told Coast to Coast AM.

Dr. Clifford Pickover, the author of "Death and the Afterlife", said there's a psychiatric malady in which people actually think they're dead.

They don't handle it very well.

Examining the psychology and psychiatry encompassing the many concepts of death, Dr. Pickover told George, "One of the entries in the book is called walking corpse syndrome or Cotard's Syndrome."

"And these are people today who believe they have lost organs and died and they're just animated corpses and that their bodies are machines. This gets a little scary."

"It can be treated but it seems to be based on something that happened in the human brain," he said.

And the chilling malady may cause some very unusual behavior in those afflicted.

"They can refuse to eat and spend time in graveyards and coffins," Dr. Pickover divulged.

For the full fascinating interview with Dr. Cliff Pickover click here.
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