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The Misadventures of Evil Clowns in 2015

The Misadventures of Evil Clowns in 2015

Ardent observer of the synchromystic, strange, and unusual, Loren Coleman has put together his annual log of the top 'evil' clown stories of the past year.

Whether it was criminals donning grease paint and funky wigs to protect their identity or unstable individuals blaming clowns for their troubling behavior, the harlequin seemed to be at the center of quite a few odd events.

Even more chilling were accounts of evil clown sightings, sometimes featuring the entities lurking in graveyards or looming on street corners.

One puckish prankster even went so far as to stage clown-infused crime scenes on the streets of Las Vegas!

Popping up when you least expect them, clowns managed to make headlines in a number of nefarious ways in 2015 and we're certain that they'll continue to torment coulrophobics in 2016 as well.

Source: The Twilight Language

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