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The Most Unsettling Ghost Photos of 2015

The Most Unsettling Ghost Photos of 2015

As cameras become even more commonplace in our everyday life, it seems that those on the 'other side' have yet to get the memo, since 2015 featured a variety of strange and unusual images which appeared to capture ghostly phenomena.

A chilling compendium of the most unsettling ghost photos and videos from the past year can be found at the Daily Star.

Whether they were inadvertently captured or purposely photographed, the spirits showcased in the collection are certainly spooky.

And although some are surely tricks of light and shadow, there are others that are undoubtedly harder to explain.

Astute Coast to Coast website visitors may recognize the top ghost photo on the Daily Star's list, since it is the Japanese ghost child, known as the zashikiwarashi, which we featured here earlier this month.

Source: The Daily Star

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