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The Secret Society Connection to Scalia's Death

The Secret Society Connection to Scalia's Death

In a revelation that will only fuel conspiracy theories surrounding his demise, it has been discovered that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died while spending the weekend with members of an exclusive secret society!

The Washington Post reports that high-ranking members of the International Order of St. Hubertus were in attendance at the Cibolo Creek Ranch during the weekend of Scalia's death.

Formed in the 1600s, the group boasts a number of wealthy individuals who share a passion for hunting.

An investigation by the Post found that both the owner of the ranch as well as the lawyer who had joined Scalia on the trip are both leaders within the organization.

Two other prominent members of the group have also been identified as being at the ranch that weekend, although they either declined to comment or merely verified their presence when contacted by reporters.

Whether Scalia, himself, was a member of St. Hubertus remains unknown at this time.

As can be expected, the organization has downplayed its presence at the ranch during the weekend of Scalia's death.

And while it is likely merely happenstance that Scalia died while vacationing with his friends who are a part of an elite secret society, there is one additional note about St. Hubertus that will likely make conspiracy theorists raise an eyebrow.

The US chapter of the group, to which these individuals belonged, was formed in 1966 at the Bohemian Club: the San Francisco base for the infamous Bohemian Grove.

Skeptics of the official story surrounding Scalia's death will surely see a sinister shadow being cast over the entire affair in light of the newly-discovered, albeit tenuous, connection to Bohemian Grove.

For others who are simply more uneasy about the vast web of the wealthy elite, the new information may serve to confirm their suspicions that the power brokers of the world operate at a level far beyond the purview of everyday people.

Source: Washington Post

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