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The United States of Strangeness

The United States of Strangeness

Happy Fourth of July! In honor of Independence Day, we've dug into the C2C archive of articles and photos to find some of the weirdest and wildest stories from each of the 50 states.

From an Alabama city declaring themselves the 'Bigfoot state capital' to a Wyoming woman attacked by a 'possessed' bottle of salad dressing, there's no shortage of strangeness to be found throughout our great country.

So while you're passing the time waiting for the grill to warm up, take a journey from coast to coast with this collection of C2C stories highlighting strange events across America.

  • Alabama city claims Bigfoot title
  • Strange sea creature filmed in Alaska
  • Arizona man photographs a demon?
  • 'Ghost janitor' captured by security camera in Arkansas high school
  • Floating 'mystery island' appears in California lake
  • Colorado's Denver International Airport embraces its place in conspiracy lore
  • Multiple residents in Connecticut city see 'undulating' UFO
  • Rummage sale in Delaware seems to be held in a graveyard
  • Are capybaras poised to conquer Florida?
  • Georgia farmers concerned about baffling cattle mutilations
  • 'Alien' sea creature found in Hawaii
  • Idaho woman crashes car and says Bigfoot is to blame!
  • Metal-eating inmates costing Illinois millions
  • Indiana man arrested for mailing dead skunks
  • MIB sightings unnerve Idaho county
  • Mysterious flying triangle spotted over Wichita, Kansas
  • Kentucky cops arrest creepy clown!
  • Rare pink dolphin emerges from river in Louisiana
  • Legendary Maine theater ghost photographed by paranormal researchers?
  • Maddening mystery booms baffle Maryland town
  • Massachusetts man captures eerie 'turkey circle' on film
  • Bigfoot sighted on 'eagle cam' in Michigan
  • 'Mystery fingers' baffle Minnesota police
  • Creepy ghost photographed by game camera in Mississippi
  • Unsettling EVP recovered by ghost hunters at historic Missouri museum
  • Montana food bank makes meals out of roadkill!
  • Monstrous hailstorm swamps Nebraska city
  • UFO filmed near Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Poltergeist activity filmed New Hampshire store?
  • New Jersey town tormented by 'gangster turkeys'
  • Bigfoot brouhaha erupts in New Mexico
  • New York governor hints at haunted mansion
  • Ghost dog filmed in North Carolina?
  • North Dakota man says he tracked Bigfoot for seven miles!
  • Ohio police perplexed by 'mystery heart'
  • Obscure 1915 law applied to Oklahoma City psychic
  • Mystery man hides $100 bills in Oregon city
  • Pennsylvania man encounters paranormal panther!
  • Legendary lost ship found near Rhode Island
  • Orange alligator astounds South Carolina town
  • Mystery booms baffle the Black Hills in South Dakota
  • Memphis, Tennessee bank robbed by 'Santa'
  • Incredible eye-less catfish caught in Texas
  • Utah man finds Bigfoot skull?
  • Town in Vermont tries to avoid monkey mania
  • Creepy 'cat shaver' prowls Virginia city
  • Massive landslide closes Washington highway
  • West Virginia man photographs Mothman?
  • Thousands of Skittles spilled onto Wisconsin highway
  • 'Possessed' salad dressing 'attacks' woman in Wyoming

Image courtesy of C2C listener Dana Augustine

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