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Thoughts of Implants

Thoughts of Implants

Tonight's guest, Dr. Roger Leir, has yielded some rather interesting results from his implant removals. Long a staple of UFO/abduction lore, implants recently figured in as a plot point in Taken the mega mini-series that aired last month on the Sci-Fi Channel. In the series, implants were explained as the method the aliens use to keep tabs on abductees.

While the jury still may be out ET implants, it seems that our government has had the technology to create and use "intracerebral implants" since the late 1950s. A device known as the "stimoceiver," implanted via the nasal cavity, can receive andtransmit electronic signals, and has been used in experiments on animals and humans. Invented by Dr. Jose Delgado (1),it was found that through electronic stimulation of the brain, theexperimenter could induce emotions and behavior, controlling to a large degree the subject's responses. It is alleged that these devices havealso been used to induce a hypnotic state through radio waves, in a process known as "remote hypnosis." One can only imagine (and shudder to think of) the advances made in this type of technology since the 1950s.


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