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Thousands of Snowballs Appear on Siberian Beach

Residents of the Siberian village of Nyda were amazed to discover that their local beach had become covered in thousands of snowballs.

The spherical wonders spread along an astounding 11 miles of shoreline and seemingly appeared overnight.

Among the myriad of snowballs were objects as small as a tennis ball and some that were nearly three feet across.

Even longtime denizens of the area say they have never seen anything like the bizarre snowball invasion, but scientists say that they have a perfectly natural explanation.

According to weather experts, the objects are created by a rare atmospheric condition where small pieces of ice become swept up by wind and water, producing a veritable sea of snowballs.

While that may be the meteorological reason for the 'mysterious' objects discovered on the Siberian beach, we're still partial to a more fantastic explanation: Yeti snowball fight.

Source: BBC News

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