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Thousands of Toy Eggs Wash Ashore in Germany

An impromptu and highly unusual egg hunt erupted on a small German island this week after thousands of plastic toy eggs washed ashore.

Residents living on the island of Langeoog swarmed the beach with their children to collect the colorful eggs which contained small toys inside of them.

It is believed that the eggs came from a cargo ship in the Atlantic Ocean that was hit by a massive storm which caused several containers to fall overboard.

Although the initial wave of eggs was greeting with delight by the community, their appreciation turned to annoyance when Lego pieces, ostensibly having also fallen from the ship, also began washing up on the beach.

Eventually, all of the objects were collected by diligent denizens of Langeoog who will no doubt be spending the weekend helping to open hundreds of toy eggs with their kids.

Source: TheLocal.de

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