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Tour Group Selling Submarine Rides to Titanic Wreckage

Tour Group Selling Submarine Rides to Titanic Wreckage

An enterprising tour company plans to offer the ultimate Titanic experience by taking people on a submarine ride to explore the wreckage of the doomed vessel.

The group, known as Blue Marble Private, have devised an expedition package limited to a mere nine customers with the funds and fortitude to take part in the adventure.

Those lucky individuals will be given access to an array of experts as well as technical consultants who will help them plan an excursion to the Titanic wreckage sometime in May of next year.

The fantasy camp for Titanic fans culminates with an intimate, three-person submarine ride to the ocean floor where they will get an incredibly close and rare view of the downed ship.

Before you start packing your sunblock and Steve Zissou t-shirt, you may want to check our bank account, since a spot in the expedition costs a little over $100,000.

Source: Sky News

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