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Tourist Haunted by Stolen Stone

Tourist Haunted by Stolen Stone

An Australian tourist's attempt at acquiring a unique piece of Welsh history allegedly turned into a nightmare.

Administrators at the Abbeycwmhir Heritage Trust in Wales say that they received an anonymous letter in the mail which contained a small stone and a rather remarkable story.

According to the author of the note, a self-described 'fan of Welsh history,' they had recently visited the famed 12th century abbey and snatched a rock from the site, which is little more than ruins today.

This purportedly proved to be an ill-advised decision, the letter writer claims, as their luck soon took a turn for the worse, leaving the person feeling as if they were being punished by the legendary Welsh prince who is buried at the abbey.

Although the author does not go into detail about the specific incidents which were so troubling, they were apparently enough to prompt the thief to send the stone back to the abbey along with a profound apology.

The letter and the pilfered stone from the abbey are now on display at the site, perhaps as a warning to any other tourists who may have similar plans to take home a piece of the historic structure.

Source: County Times

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