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Trail Cam 'Ghost Girl' Case Solved

Authorities in Cambridge, New York have identified the little girl who baffled a town when she mysteriously appeared on a trail cam photo.

Despite the image circulating throughout the area for weeks, local business owner Chic Wilson only learned of the mystery this week.

When he saw the photo, Wilson instantly recognized his granddaughter playing in the woods and recalled that they had walked through the area during the time the image was taken.

He subsequently called the police, who declared the mystery solved, much to the chagrin of psychics calling to say that they could contact the girl on the 'other side.'

Ironically, Wilson expressed remorse for having busted the 'ghost' and bursting the proverbial bubble for anyone hoping that the image showed a spirit.

"It would be wonderful to have proof of life after death," he told News10 ABC, "but unfortunately we're not going to get any proof from this particular photograph."

Source: News10 ABC

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