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Trail Cam Photographs Ghost Girl?

A trail camera posted in a wooded area of upstate New York captured an eerie image of a little girl that has left an entire town baffled.

The strange photo came to light after property owners in Cambridge, New York noticed the spooky-looking child among the images produced by a trail cam they had set up on their land.

Concerned as to why a little girl was playing by herself deep in the woods, the landowners shared the photo with police in the hopes of identifying the child.

And this is where things get spooky as authorities have attempted to locate the little girl or her family for the last few weeks, yet have come up short, and no one in the town seems to have any idea who she is.

While some might suspect the image is some kind of hoax, the Cambridge chief of police says that it is genuine and that the unnamed landowners only wished to ensure that the little girl was safe when they turned the photo over to authorities.

The puzzling photo has become the talk of the town in Cambridge, where residents debate whether it actually shows a 'ghost girl' or if it is just a normal image.

However with no one stepping forward to identify the child yet, it seems that the mystery may linger for quite some time.

What's your theory on the odd image? Let us know at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

Source: News10 ABC

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