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Treasure Hunters Find Nazi Hoard Near Prague?

Treasure Hunters Find Nazi Hoard Near Prague?

A pair of treasure hunters believe they have located an enormous cache of riches that were pilfered by the Nazis during World War II and hidden in the Czech Republic.

While not as well known as the legendary Nazi gold train or the infamous lost Amber Room, the Stechovice treasure may rival those iconic mysteries when it comes to sheer value.

Josef Muzik and Helmut Gansel say that there are nearly 550 boxes of gold, jewels, artwork, and other valuables buried in the Czech town of Stechovice.

These crates may also contain secret scientific documents from Nazis working at the infamous Kaiser Wilhelm Institute.

All told, the treasure could be worth an astounding $63 billion dollars!

Despite past attempts to find the buried hoard, the treasures hunters are confident that they have finally located it via documents and insights that Gansel received from a former SS general.

The Nazi official was reportedly tasked with making the treasure vanish, but purportedly told Gansel in later years where he had hidden the vast treasure.

Armed with that information, Muzik and Gansel have begun excavations in an area of Stechovice where they say the boxes are buried beneath sixteen feet of dirt which they hope to have removed by next Spring.

At that point, it should be evident whether Muzik and Gansel are master treasure hunters or simply the latest victims in the seemingly endless search for elusive lost Nazi loot.

Source: Daily Mail

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