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Tree Frog Death Leaves Species in Doubt

A particular type of tree frog may have literally gone the way of the dodo as the last known living member of its kind has passed away, possibly rendering the species extinct.

Residing at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, 'Toughie' was believed to be the only remaining Rabbs’ fringe-limbed tree frog living on the planet.

But, alas, Toughie met his demise last week and, with his passing, seemingly took his entire species with him to the great beyond.

The journey of the Rabbs' fringe-limbed tree frog is rather remarkable in that the creature was only discovered in 2005 and, a little over a decade later, is apparently gone forever.

Wildlife experts suspect that a deadly fungus is to blame for species' plummeting numbers and rare instance of an actual extinction being seen play out in real time.

However some fans of the frog believe that it is possible that there may still be some remaining members of the species lurking in the trees of Panama where it once thrived.

Unfortunately, considering the diminutive size of the creature, it's unlikely that we'll be seeing any tantalizing videos like we have recently with the possibly non-extinct animal Tasmanian Tiger.

Source: Scientific American

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